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The purpose of this blog is to offer opinions and insights into trends as they impact the media industry. The industry landscape is facing unprecedented flux and change from many areas:

> From a measurement research perspective, stalwart services such as Nielsen Media Research are facing new competitive challenges from set top box data providers.

> Broadband video continues to grow. Television programmers and network must decide whether they should place their content on the internet to remain relevant with viewers who are gravitating to that medium.

> MSOs, Satcos and Telcos are also grappling with the growth of broadband and the choices and challenges it brings to their bottom lines.

> Print, especially newspaper readership, is hemmoraging as readers gravitate online.> Change is constant .... and dramatic. The darling of yesterday (such as MySpace) can become the failure of tomorrow.

> And with all of this dramatic change, how do businesses monetize the new platforms and technology?

My work in the media and marketing research field has afforded me the opportunity to work with talented, smart people. While the majority of the content of this blog will relate to the Research field, I will also include posts on Programming, Sales, Distribution and Off-Platform where appropriate. And I encourage readers to comment and create a lively discussion.


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