Q&A Interview with Britta Ware - Meredith

Britta Ware, Vice President, Research Solutions for Meredith Corporation offers a fresh perspective on the magazine marketplace and how psychographic research can be used to effectively target female readers and web visitors. Her interview with Charlene Weisler spans a range of topics including the role of research, how print and research are evolving, media mix modeling, data matching, trends and predictions, audience targeting for print. Ware discusses Meredith’s custom readership community and their Gamma women segmentation.

The six videos are as follows:

Subject Length (in minutes)
Background & Print Evolution (6:28)
Research trends, Communispace (3:43)
Current Projects, Media Mix Modeling (8:02)
Innovations, Psychography (2:49)
Research Leader and Data Matching (3:35)
Print targeting and Conclusion (3:39)

Charlene Weisler interviews Britta Ware on a range of subjects. In this video Britta talks about her background - how she got to where she is today - and the evolution of Print:

Charlene Weisler interviews Britta Ware about her views on research trends and Meredith's investment in the online community company, Communispace:

Charlene Weisler interviews Britta Ware about the importance of accountability in research, the paper she completed about media mix modeling and an overview of some of her other current projects:

(Her paper, written with David Shiffman of MediaVest is available for view upon request)

Charlene Weisler talks to Britta Ware about current Research leadership and how she uses data - through fusion or data matching in this interesting video:

In this next video, Britta Ware talks about innovations in media, the evolving role of research, her work with the ARF and the use of psychographic research in her sales research arsenal:

In this concluding video, Britta Ware discusses how Print eanbles advertisers to test the targetability of their ads in the print environment. Britta talks specifically about Meredith's target reader - "The Gamma Women":

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