Q&A Interview with Jim Spaeth, Sequent Partners

In this interview, Sequent Partners’ Jim Spaeth goes on record with how he views industry change, how his company addresses ROI measurement, radio engagement and the inherent silos between media and creative at agencies. His work at Y&R, ScanAmerica, the ARF and now at his own firm, has provided Jim with a unique perspective on research applications and solutions.

There are five videos below with the following topics and lengths:

Subject / Length (in minutes)
Background and Scanamerica/ (3:59)
Agency Silos, Channel Planning/ (7:44)
Sequent/ (4:24)
Engagement Radio/ (2:37)
Past and Future/ (3:18)

In this first video, Jim Spaeth discusses his background , how he started in the industry and his work with ScanAmerica:

Jim Spaeth of Sequent Partners Talks about industry change (or lack of it), innovations, channel planning and the need to review the division between creative and media at the agencies:

In this next video Jim Spaeth talks about his firm, Sequent Partners, and some of the work they do:

Jim Spaeth talks about the concept of engagement and his current project that is attempting to measure radio engagement:

In this final video, Jim Spaeth reflects on change sin the past five years as well as offers some future predicitons:

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