Q&A Interview With Richard Zackon

Richard Zackon is not only an accomplished media researcher, he is also a lawyer (from his stint at Court TV) and a life coach. He also teaches a class on media at NYU and is a consultant with Nielsen as part of the CRE.

I interviewed Richard on a range of subjects such as dramatic changes in the industry, industry innovations, some of his current projects and even some life coach advice.

There are eight short video clips of his interview posted here on the blog. The topics and lengths are as follows:

Topic / Video Length
Background / 3:30
Dramatic Changes In the Industry / 0:57
Coaching Tip / 0:56
Industry Innovations / 0:56
Current Projects / 2:52
Predictions / 1:47
For Students Starting Out / 1:48
Contact Information / 0:32

Charlene Weisler interviews Richard Zackon of the CRE who discusses his background - from religious studies student to professor, to consultant to lawyer.

Charlene Weisler interviews Richard Zackon who shares his perspective about how the industry has changed over the years:

Richard Zackon, who is also a life coach, offers some coaching tips:

Charlene Weisler interviews Richard Zackon who talks about industry innovations:

Richard Zackon shares some of his current projects with Charlene Weisler:

Richard Zackon discusses some of his predictions for the next five years:

Richard Zackon offers some advice to students just starting out:

Here is Richard Zackon's contact information:

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