Q&A Interview with Tony Jarvis

Tony Jarvis is a self-described “research architect” with experience on all sides of the business worldwide including agency, media and media research vendors. Charlene Weisler interviews Jarvis on a range of subjects including the data quality, MRC, Out of Home measurement, internet, radio engagement and set top box data.

There are five videos with the following topics and lengths:

Subject Length (in minutes)
Background & Current Projects (2:57)
Data, data quality and the MRC (5:06)
STB data, Digital Out of Home measurement - CIMM (7:29)
Radio Measurement (5:09)
Predictions, Research Leaders (4:17)

Charlene Weisler interviews Tony Jarvis. Tony talks about his background - how he started in the industry and his range of research background:

Tony Jarvis talks about the most dramatic change in the industry in the past five years, the challenges of data quality and the role of the MRC in keeping research standards high:

Charlene Weisler interviews Tony Jarvis as he discusses set top box data, digital out of home measurement and CIMM:

Tony Jarvis discusses the evolution of radio and the opportunities for that medium in the coming years:

In this final video, Charlene Weisler interviews Tony Jarvis and his interesting assessment about the most important person or company in research today:

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