Q&A Interview with Shari Anne Brill - Carat

Shari Anne Brill has received many honors in her research career including WICT’s Wonder Woman award as well as a Media All Star award in 2009. She is one of the leading researchers in the media research field today with extensive experience in agency and brand work. In this video interview, Shari Anne shares her insights into new technologies, the CRE Mapping Study, “Digital Boomers”, CIMM, the future of measurement, how research has changed and how the entire media industry has changed.
There are four videos in this fascinating interview that cover the following topics:

Subject Length (in minutes)
Background, Agency Research (4:25)
Past Changes, CRE, CIMM (6:30)
CRE Mapping Study (6:55)
Set top box data and Privacy (6:54)

(As we go to press, Shari Anne Brill is no longer with Carat.)

Charlene Weisler Interviews Carat's Shari Anne Brill who discusses her background and how agency research has evolved. This video is 4:25 minutes long:

Carat's Shari Anne Brill talks about past changes in the industry, her work with the CRE and CIMM. This video is 6:30 minutes long:

Charlene Weisler Interviews Carat's Shari Anne Brill who discusses her work on the CRE Mapping Study and some surprising results. This video is 6:55 minutes long:

In this final video, Shari Anne Brill talks about television content, set top box data and consumer privacy issues. This video is 6:54 minutes long:


  1. Thanks for posting this interview! I'm trying to familiarize myself with the ways of media and how/where consumer information is collected, so this was really interesting to me.
    I'm also editing a music video right now and thinking about a question Shari Anne brought up about how many seconds it takes for information to set in.
    Looking forward to more interviews!

  2. Hi Seaweedtoated (Kim)
    Thank you so much. There are more interviews coming up that will shed more light on the subject.

  3. Why did she get fired?

  4. I don't know the details.