Q&A Interview with Jess Aguirre - Hallmark

Jess Aguirre Jr, SVP Research for Hallmark Channels has a wide range of research experience from custom research companies to advertising agencies to radio, syndication, local television, production companies and ultimately in cable television. Jess arrived at Hallmark Channels at its inception. In this fascinating interview Jess talks about a range of subjects including the work he is doing at Hallmark, the impact of the internet, behavioral research and some predictions for the next five years.

There are three videos that cover the following topics:

Subject Length (in minutes)
Background (5:15)
Predictions (4:01)
Current Projects and CTAM (3:26)

In this first video, which is 5:15 minutes long, Jess Aguirre talks about his extensive media background from agencies to distributors to broadcast to cable:

Charlene Weisler interviews Hallmark's Jess Aguirre who gives his predictions about the state of media in this 4:01 minute long video:

Jess Aguirre, SVP Research for Hallmark, talks about his current projects as well has his CTAM membership and the value of CTAM in the industry. This video is 3:26 minutes long:

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