Q&A Interview with Mike McGuirre and Eric Bartko - MSA

Mike McGuirre, VP MSA Media, and Eric Bartko, Senior Marketing Research Marketing Business Analysis have been involved in the business of contract posting and analysis for many years. But this data has now taken on greater importance and MSA is branching out into new forms of commercial analysis - whether the efficiency of the commercial pod or through various segmentation analyses. This four part interview delves into a range valuable insights about the ad marketplace. The four videos are as follows:

Subject Length (in minutes)
Background (5:01)
Addressable Advertising (6:40)
Commercial Pod and Segmentation (7:02)
Prediction (6:31)

Mike McGuire and Eric Bartko discuss their backgrounds in this 5:01 minute video:

Charlene Weisler interviews Mike McGuirre who talks about Addressable Advertising in this 6:40 minute video.

Eric Bartko discusses the range of commercial Pod studies and segmentation analyses available through MSA in this 7:02 minute video:

Both Mike and Eric offer their assessment of media landscape in the next few years in this 6:31 minute video:

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