CIMM STB Roadmap Whitepaper

CIMM (The Committee For Innovative Media Measurement) has just released the results of an extensive study on the Set Top Box data landscape. I have had the privilege of participating in the collection of the data with Managing Director Jane Clarke and then of compiling the results and writing the resulting whitepaper.

The CIMM STB Data Roadmap Whitepaper is the next step after the CIMM STB Data Lexicon of Terms and Defintions. CIMM's intent with the whitepaper was to explore the current state of STB data as it applies to understanding its strengths and weaknesses for a wide range of applications. Included in the analysis are feedback and insights from a range of constituents from data originators to data processors to software vendors to end users at advertising agencies and content providers as well as other interested parties such as media industry organizations.

The whitepaper – which summarizes and analyzes the results of the study - is arguably the only complete, holistic appraisal of the STB landscape available today. We reached out to all sectors of the industry – all those who touch and are touched by the data. The level of cooperation and the comfort that executives from across the spectrum had with the process is a testament to CIMM’s position in the industry as an unbiased coalition of the end users of media data.

In addition to an industry overview, a goal of the project was to prioritize an industry road map for the development STB data for a variety of uses such as use by the MVPDs (Multi-Channel Video Program Distributors) for marketing and carriage negotiations, granular analyses of programming and advertising, enabling various forms of segmented or addressable advertising or spending on television promotions, matching with outside databases to enable media buying ROI analyses and development of an audit-ready local or national measurement product, all while operating in a construct that does not violate consumer privacy laws. This whitepaper offers insights into the advantages and challenges of the data with suggestions for a workable STB measurement model to which media companies – from programmers to marketers to agencies - may support and subscribe.

Please click here for a PDF version of the CIMM STB Data Roadmap Whitepaper.

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