Q&A Interview with Jo Holz - SVP Client Research Initiatives, Nielsen

Jo Holz is one of the leading researchers in the industry today. In addition to her work at NBC, Children’s Television Workshop, iN DEMAND, and Oxygen, she is currently SVP, Client Research Initiatives at Nielsen. In her 30+ years in media research, Jo has experienced first hand the great shift in the television landscape from broadcast to cable to VOD.

In this interview, Jo discusses research’s unique role in a corporation (discussing how research can become more influential) and the custom projects she oversees at Nielsen. She also offers some insights into media transitions and future trends. Below are the five videos comprising the full interview.

The videos are as follows:

Subject                                         Length (in minutes)
Background and Media Research          (4:08)
Positioning Research                             (3:14)
CTAM                                                 (1:42)
Nielsen Projects                                    (5:18)
Transitions and Trends                          (7:33)

Charlene Weisler interviews Jo Holz of Nielsen who discusses her background and the field of Media Research in this 4:09 minute video interview:

Jo Holz, SVP Nielsen talks about how to best position Research in a company in this 3:14 minute video:

CW: Jo, both of us are long standing members of CTAM and have benefited from their great research studies. Can you talk about how you have used CTAM research results in your job?

JH: Yes. I got some great insights from the 3-D TV study that Nielsen did for CTAM a few months ago. This was probably the first consumer study about 3-D TV that actually exposed viewers to this new technology and then got their reactions to it, rather than just getting reactions to the concept. It turned out that there were issues related to having to having to wear the 3-D glasses. Those insights were invaluable in helping Nielsen and the industry at large to better understand the potential for this new technology.

In this 1:44 minute video, Jo Holz talks about CTAM and its value to her and the industry:

Charlene Weisler interviews Jo Holz of Nielsen who talks about some of her projects at the company in this 5:18 minute long video:

Jo Holz talks about industy Transitions and Trends in this 7:33 minute long concluding video:

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