Q&A Interview with Rob Frydlewicz

Rob Frydlewicz is best known as a veteran agency researcher at agencies such as NWAyer, FCB and Carat. And now he has expanded his skill base to include social media and blogging. Rob is part of a blog network that consists of several media executives who write on a variety of pop culture subjects. Rob writes two blogs http://www.historyasyouexperiencedit.com/and http://www.zeitgayst.com/

In this interview, Rob talks about his research background, blogging experiences, what he sees as trends in the social media landscape and the future of blogging as a media communications form. The four videos are as follows

Subject                                                     Length (in minutes)
Background                                                    (3:25)
Blogs                                                              (5:59)
HistoryAsYouExperiencedIt and ZeitGAYst   (4:28)
Challenges, Opportunities, Trends                   (3:48)

In this 3:25 minute video, Rob Frydlewicz discusses his extensive research background:

Charlene Weisler Interview Rob Frydlewicz who talks about blogging - its future, its impact and its quirky media characteristics - in this 5:53 minute video:

Rob Frydlewicz talks about his two blogs History As You Experienced It and ZeitGAYst in this 4:28 minute video:

Charlene Weisler interview Rob Frydlewicz who offers his insights on future challenges, opportunities and trends in the media. This video is 3:48 minutes:

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