Q&A Interview with Jane Clarke - CIMM

This week the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM) announced the results of a feasibility study for the Trackable Asset Cross-Platform Identification (TAXI) project. This study, in partnership with the ANA, 4A’s and the IAB is a first step in implementing open and interoperable industry standard codes for content and ads across all content. I sat down with CIMM’s Managing Director, Jane Clarke to talk about TAXI and other CIMM initiatives.

CIMM could not have chosen a better Managing Director than Jane Clarke whose extensive and deep experience in Cross Platform and Set Top Box data contribute to her stellar reputation in the media industry. CIMM has two major initiatives – to facilitate the understanding of STB data and help facilitate Cross Platform measurement.

In this video interview, conducted a few days before the release of the TAXI findings, Jane discusses not only the specifications and back story of TAXI but also CIMM’s Cross Platform industry position, STB data and privacy. She also shares some predictions for the media landscape over the next few years.

The five videos that comprise the full interview are as follows:

Subject                               Length (in minutes)
Background                          (2:13)
CIMM and Cross Platform   (5:35)
TAXI                                   (12:29)
Set Top-Box Data                (8:37)
Privacy and Predictions         (7:54)

Charlene Weisler interviews Jane Clarke, Managing Director of CIMM who discusses her background in cable and cross platform: in this 2:13 minute video clip:

Charlene Weisler interviews Jane Clarke who talks about CIMM and its cross platform initiatives in this 5:35 minute video clip:

Charlene Weisler interviews Jane Clarke who discusses TAXI, CIMM's latest initiative. This informative video is 12:29 minutes long:

Jane Clarke talks about CIMM's work in Set Top Box data including the Lexicon and Set Top Box Data Landscape whitepaper in this 8:37 minute video:

In this final video, Jane Clarke discusses the issue of Privacy and well as offers some insights inot the future media landscape. This concluding video is 7:54 minutes long:

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