Q&A Interview with Matt Warta - GutCheck

Matt Warta entered the media research field via an unusual route – from a stint in the venture capital world. From this unique perspective, he saw an opportunity with a new start up that focuses on one to one online polling. Matt is a partner in the new firm called GutCheck which promises a focus group sensibility to online research enabling clients to delve deeply into consumers motivations and opinions. In this interview, Matt talks about his background, gutcheckit, the world of venture capital, privacy issues with online polling and a look forward into the industry for the next few years.

The three videos that comprise Matt Warta’s full interview are as follows:

Subject                                         Length (in minutes)
Background and Social Media           (4:04)
gutcheckit.com                                  (7:19)
Predictions and Privacy                      (4:16)

Charlene Weisler interviews GutCheck co-founder and CEO Matt Warta who discusses his background and the world of venture capital in this 4:04 minute video:

Charlene Weisler talks to Matt Warta who discusses the GutCheck business model and how online focus groups are conducted in this 7:19 minute video:

Matt Warta, co-founder and CEO of GutCheck offers some predictions for the next few years as well as some insights on online privacy in this 4:16 minute video:

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