Q&A Interview with Josh Chasin - comScore

Josh Chasin, Chief Research Officer of comScore is an expert in IP measurement who launched his career at Arbitron and is currently overseeing all research initiatives at comScore. comScore has four core business models from audience analytics to advertising analytics to web / monetization analytics and mobile operator analytics. In this fascinating interview, Josh talks about his work at comScore, the changing metrics in the online world, out of home insights and the importance of understanding how the online world works and evolves in terms of content delivery. Josh also shares his views on what the media landscape will look like five years from now.

The four videos of the complete interview are as follows:

Subject                                    Length (in minutes)
Background                              (1:27)
comScore                                (8:24)
Metrics                                    (9:02)
Predictions                               (5:42)   

Charlene Weisler interviews Josh Chasin, Chief Research Officer for comScore. In this 1:27 minute video, Josh discusses his career path starting with his work at Arbitron:

Josh Chasin, CRO at comScore, talks with Charlene Weisler about comScore and the impressive span and types of online core businesses it manages. This video is 8:24 minutes:

Charlene Weisler talks to Josh Chasin about his work at comScore. This 9:02 minute video expands on the types of metrics comScore measures on as well as outlines how online measurement techniques are unique unto themselves: 

Josh Chasin, Chief Research Officer at comScore shares some predictions about the future of media with Charlene Weisler in this 5:42 minute video:

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