Q&A Interview with Joshua Cohen - Pearl Media

OOH measurement has always been problematic until now. What struck me while talking to Pearl Media President / CEO Josh Cohen is the use of new, passive technology to offer new, more accurate and passive OOH measurement applications such as NFC - Near Field Communications - that are currently being built into smartphones.

In this interview, Joshua speaks passionately about out-of-home measurement advances and the data that is collected from these efforts. The four videos in this interview span Pearl Media’s various national and international marketing efforts, the impact of social media on out-of-home marketing, technological advances in measurement and even the use of street art (one of my personal interests) in Pearl Media events. The videos are as follows:

Subject                                    Length (in minutes)
Background and NASCAR         (2:59)
Pearl Media and Data               (7:29)
Globalization, NFC & Privacy     (5:49)
Predictions & Street Art             (4:25)   

Charlene Weisler interviews Pearl Media President Joshua Cohen who talks about his background and work in NASCAR in this 2:59 minute video:

Joshua Cohen talks to Charlene Weisler about his company Pearl Media in this 7:29 minute video. Pearl Media initiative in the out of home sphere uses all types of advanced technologies:


 Charlene Weisler talks to Joshua Cohen about the globalization of out of home marketing and how this impacts privacy concerns. This video is 5:49 minutes:

Pearl Media President Joshua Cohen talks to Charlene Weisler about the future for his company, OOH and the media landscape in general. There is also an interesting side discussion about street art and how Pearl helps emerging artists. This video is 4:25 minutes:


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