Q&A Interview with Nadim Homsany - Serent

I met Nadim Homsany of Serent Capital at the recent OMMA Response where he spoke about the future of online investments. Nadim is a VP at Serent and leads the company’s efforts in tech–enabled and digital marketing investments. His private equity firm specializes in private traded media-based companies in high growth businesses. Because the workings of private equity are generally in the private sector, it holds a certain mystery to me.

In this fascinating interview, Nadim talks about Serent, the evolving marketplace concept of “Google Street”, rather than Main Street, Big Data applications, especially for locally focused businesses and privacy issues when Big Data is employed. There are three videos in this interview which are as follows:

Subject                                    Length (in minutes)
Background and Serent             (4:49)
Internet’s Google Street             (6:03)
Digital Market, Data, Privacy      (6:59)

Charlene Weisler interviews Nadim Homsany of Serent who talks about his background and the private equity business in the media space in this 4:49 minute video:

What exactly is "Google Street"? Nadim Homsany of Serent explains it to Charlene Weisler in this 6:03 minute video:

Charlene Weisler interviews Nadim Homsany of Serent who talks about the digital marketplace, data that is gathered from the new technology now available to all sizes of businesses and the ultimate privacy concern that all this data creates. This video is 6:59 minutes:


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