Q&A with Mark Loughney - ABC

Mark Loughney, VP Sales and Strategy Research for ABC started in academia but customer satisfaction research interested him so much that he decided to transition into the business side of market research. With a stellar career that included stints at MTV Networks, TNN, Nielsen and ABC. In this interview, Mark talks about measurement, cross platform, industry trends, the DIsney Media & Ad Lab and offers some fascinating insights into future trends in the industry.

The five videos of the interview are as follows:

Subject                                                 Length (in minutes)
Background                                                    (4:16)
ABC Cross Platform                                       (4:21)
Cross Platform Measurement                    (5:11)
Media Lab                                                      (5:54)
Predictions, Smart TV, C3                           (6:28)

Charlene Weisler interviews Mark Loughney of ABC who talks about his background in this 4:16 minute video:

Mark Loughney talks to Charlene Weisler about ABC Research and their cross platform efforts in this 4:31 minute video:


Charlene Weisler interviews Mark Loughney who talks about ABC's cross platform measurement results in this 5:11 minute video:


Mark Loughney talks to Charlene Weisler about the ABC Media Lab and its applications in this 5:54 minute video:


In this final video, Charlene Weisler talks to Mark Loughney about C3, the impact of Smart TV and some predictions for the media industry over the next five years in this 6:28 minute video:


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