Investing in Media Companies. Q&A with Vincent Tang

Vincent Tang is a venture capitalist who had made a career of investing in a range of media firms from content creators to networks to agencies to MVPDs. His current company Canrock Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm that invests in media technology companies. Tang is a great proponent of Big Data measurement and research functions, focusing his efforts on identifying those companies that are offering unique and compelling ways to measure today’s media consumers cross platform. In this fascinating interview, he talks about data segmentation, new technologies in the media space, metrics and the importance of measurement in the media ecosystem. He also offers some prescient, counterintuitive thoughts on how the media landscape will progress over the next few years.

Subject                                                 Length (in minutes)
Background and Canrock                             (4:59)
New Technology                                            (5:20)
General Sentiment                                        (2:10)
Predictions and Measurement                    (4:18)

Charlene Weisler interviews Canrock's Vincent Tang who talks about his background in this 4:59 minute video:

Venture capitalist Vincent Tang talks to Charlene Weisler about how new technology is impacting the media marketplace in this 5:20 minute video:

What is General Sentiment? Vincent Tang talks to Charlene Weisler about this fascinating digital measurement company. The video is 2:10 minutes:

Vincent Tang talks to Charlene Weisler abut his predictions for the future of media in this surprising and interesting 4:18 minute video:

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