Second Screen Research Reveals Mobile And TV In Tandem Are A Powerful Advertising Combination

Advertisers wishing to better understand second screen consumer behavior in this world of fluid cross platform content consumption are going beyond the usual metrics of views and impressions. Now, with the application of brain science into media research, many companies are embarking on some ground-breaking neural research for better media decisions.

There are many second screens. Which ones drives the advertiser's message?What they are discovering is that not only are consumers more receptive to ad messages in a certain platform sequence—mobile first and then TV being the most impactful—the format of the ad will also impact neurological response. Ads designed more for the digital environment—shorter and with branding introduced earlier in the message—are more effective to viewers on a digital platform than an ad designed for TV and repurposed for digital.

Read the full article here on the Videa blog.

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