Cadent and TiVo Make a Powerful Data Partnership. Interview with Jim Tricarico

In a media environment of increased data opportunities, Cadent’s recent partnership with TiVo to create an enhanced TV targeting solution for advertisers is particularly interesting.

Cadent’s core business, according to CRO Jim Tricarico, is as an unwired network that offers both visibility and verification to advertisers. “Cadent brings network like experience to unwired,” explained Tricarico. He added, “We deliver efficient GRPs across all cable networks – both large and small – and are able to access MSO inventory from over 200 MSOs of all sizes and reach.” Cadent’s MSO partners include the large operators such as Comcast, Cablevision, Charter, Cox, FIOS, UVerse and Dish as well as 190 smaller operators such as Suddenlink and WOW! resulting in an overall US coverage area of over 80%. But overall coverage levels can be deceiving according to Tricarico who said, “It is the smaller MSOs that fill in the rest of the US because we look at coverage on the zone level. For example New York City has 96 zones. So we need to be inside the zones and not just the overall DMA. That is why we have the only pure national footprint. And that allows us to translate into more like a national network, measured by Nielsen and posted using MSA.” Ultimately, Cadent enables advertisers to complement their network buy using their unwired network of inventory for greater cost efficiency, frequency and program targeting.

Now, with Cadent’s new data and sales initiative, advertisers can take advantage of TiVo’s 2.3 million household sample, six other data providers, as well as Experian’s buying and user behavior data to go beyond age and gender. This enables advertisers to reach their specific target niche audiences in an anonymous, privacy-protected manner. “We start with a client’s broad demographic,” said Tricarico, “and then narrow it down to focus on a client’s best prospects. We buy on a general demo and overlay data from TiVo and Experian for more precision to get to a micro dataset. Then we see which networks, across all 200+ cable networks we represent, to find the most appropriate dayparts, days and time periods to reach the micro dataset.” The result is the delivery of two different MSA posts – one on the general demo target and the other as a custom post for the micro dataset.

The response from the industry has been very encouraging, according to Tricarico. “We have three successfully executed campaigns – New Orleans Tourism, 1-800-Flowers and Cabot Financial. In addition, Modi Media is impressed with what we are doing and is partnering with us on high index buying, Other media groups are beginning to come to us too,” he stated.

Jamie Power, Managing Partner at MODI Media, has found success in Cadent’s data targetability. She noted, “Data and technology have changed what is possible in television today, we are now able to target below traditional demography with more precision.  Historically, television is planned using self-reported data and then measured through panel based data.   We are now we are utilizing census level set-top-box data to better target a brand’s customer. Our goal is to optimize television allocations against a brands’ strategic target and identify the best inventory. We are able to show clients that deeper targeting increases their ability to reach their strategic target by as much as 70 to 200 percent.  Better data helps us drive better results for our clients.”

“The core business is still growing,” said Tricarico, who added, “I see this extension growing quickly. I would not be surprised if it will become 20% of our revenue by next year at this time.”

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