IoT Data: The Opportunities and Challenges

The interconnectivity of all of our devices and appliances with the internet of things (IoT), and the data that allows us to collect, brings both simplicity and complexity to daily life. As consumers, we can facilitate cross-device usage to enhance our media consumption experiences while juggling the vast array of options for connectivity. For marketers it’s a chance to tap into more and more first-party data sets that assess a consumer’s holistic lifestyle behaviors from media habits to the places we visit and even how we get there.

According to EY, IoT data will enable unprecedented levels of content personalization for consumers and new opportunities for advertisers. Media and entertainment companies are increasingly using highly sophisticated sensors in the areas of 4D, animation, gaming, video images, camera stabilization, and sports, which opens up new experiences for consumers. But at what point does this behavior monitoring, data collecting, and message targeting start to infringe on privacy? It can be a slippery slope from convenience to intrusion.

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