Media Sellers: Craft and Refine Your Sales Pitches

How can a seller best refine their sales pitches so that their content is optimally showcased and valued? Even in this changing media environment, sales rules for optimal valuation are evergreen. Media sellers need to be innovative and creative to keep up.

According to Hanna Gryncwajg, SVP advertising sales at RLTV, “Over the past decade the process of working on advertiser’s brand initiatives has unified the ad sales and marketing teams. The most successful sales executives are not just media savvy, they also need to be creative and marketing-centric.”

Focus on the Client
The number one rule according to senior sales executives is to find out what the client wants and needs. What are their goals? Then, discover other attributes that will help a sales presentation be as relevant and targeted as possible. Research not only the client but also their competitive sets, any market or category challenges, opportunities, and brand messages.

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