Programmatic Attribution Modeling

In an environment of cross-platform media and the Internet of Things, marketers are grappling with programmatic attribution modeling. Attribution, according to Cynopsis, is defined as “the process of identifying a set of user actions that contribute to a desired outcome, and then giving each of those actions a specific value.” Ideally, good attribution would enable marketers to get the correct and fair sequencing of events that truly influenced a consumer’s behavior.

Last Touch Attribution
Most common is last touch attribution, which gives full credit to the last-touch point before the desired action takes place. This essentially negates the value of all previous actions leading to activation. The IAB is addressing programmatic attribution modeling, specifically on last-touch, with an update to their 2012 guidelines. According to Benjamin Dick, director, industry initiatives, IAB in a recent Mediapost article, the update was to, “account for the many developments in cross-screen measurement, data collection, and usage, and ultimately provide a common language when discussing attribution tools, technologies, and methodologies.” The intent was to show the limitations of, and alternatives to, last-touch methodologies.

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