Brand Safety in Local TV Programmatic

There is arguably nothing more disconcerting for an advertiser than to have an ad to appear during inappropriate, objectionable television content, or on controversial sites. Media, in general, has been sensitive to brand safety for years. But with the evolution of local TV programmatic, the question of safety takes on new urgency.

Television efforts at brand safety have historically been more manual with buyers, planners, and traffic personnel carefully crafting the right mix of programs through the campaign cycle. In areas like local news, the need for real-time vetting and compliance is routine. Airline advertising is often paused during coverage of a flight disaster, for example.

According to ExtremeReach, it used to be relatively straightforward for advertisers to avoid buying objectionable ad placements. But because programmatic buying happens automatically to target a specific, agreed upon audience it is impossible for advertisers to monitor every single placement as they once did.
What are the brand safety principles when buying programmatically for local TV? While there is no guaranteed safety, here are some suggestions:

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