IMF: Unleashing The Benefits of File-based Content

Last February 2016 we announced the Interoperable Master Format (IMF) roadshow which was so successful that there is another roadshow planned for February 2017. Chris Lennon, President and CEO, MediaAnswers, explains what IMF is -

Charlene Weisler: What is the Interoperable Master Format (IMF) and why is it important?

Chris Lennon: The Interoperable Master Format is a relatively new SMPTE standard, allowing, among other things, mastering of material which might need to be distributed in a variety of versions, to a variety of destinations. This is critically important as we continue to create derivative versions of commercials and programs.  

It is a trend that is likely to expand - if you have a commercial that will run with different graphics, voice overs, in different languages, or even with some scenes differing from market to market, or platform to platform, do you really want to have dozens of different copies of the commercial to manage?  Wouldn’t it be better to have one copy, with metadata directing how to play it out? IMF is already in use today, and has enjoyed great success although it’s a relatively recent technology.  In fact, we’ll be discussing several real-world examples of implementations in the media business at these seminars.

Here is the information on the seminars:

You’ve moved from video to IT infrastructures, you’ve heard about the many benefits file-based workflows should deliver. Now what?

MXF files were presented as a tape replacement. Today many of us are trapped: good things from the linear videotapes are gone… but what about the many benefits IT based environments can bring?
Unleashing all the potential requires switching over to a new model. This new model is about getting mindsets to move away from videotapes. Welcome to components, packages and IMF!
This one-day seminar will get you up to speed on what IMF is, and how it can help you and your organization not only survive, but thrive in the ever-changing area of file-based workflows. This interactive session will show IMF as it can be used in the real world:

·         Solutions from the 20+ vendors that support it
·         10+ practical demonstrations of implementations
·         15+ use cases

This session is designed to provide (in a fun and interactive environment):
·         An overall understanding of the IMF standard
·         A focus on the most interesting aspects of IMF, which make it so appealing
·         A focus on the business and technical fundamentals required to use the IMF standard. Course participants will gain an understanding of the basics of interoperability and versioning problems using IMF.

Just a few comments from past attendees
“A great overview of an important topic for our industry”
“An excellent overview of a subject that affect the film and TV business workflow in a positive way!”
“This was a great top to bottom look into the world of IMF”
“This was a great balance of macro and micro perspective on IMF and it's deployment.  Thank you!”

Registration is available at the links below:
·         February 14, 2017: Washington, DC (hosted by PBS)
·         February 15, 2017: New York (hosted by ANA)
·         February 17, 2017: Los Angeles (hosted by FOX)

Space is extremely limited, so register today! Cost is only $299 per person for the full day seminar, or $285 for SMPTE or AICE members! Deadline for registration is one week prior to each seminar.

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