Personalized Advertising and Why It’s So Important for the Future of Media

Personalized advertising is the key to ensuring that advertising messages reach the most receptive and interested consumers. For years, the ad market has relied on age and gender as a proxy to match viewers with messages, but these general categories are often too broad. Not all men aged 18 to 49, for instance, have the same purchasing patterns and preferences.

The Move to True Personalization

With the advent of behavioral segmentations that are more closely aligned by lifestyle, it became possible to add both nuance and focus to consumer targets, moving beyond age and gender. Now, advanced technology enables even more precise targeting capabilities, with real-time dynamic ad insertion that offers advertisers further precision.

Personalized advertising, also known as one-to-one advertising, has been around for decades. But its form has changed with the increased adoption of personal devices, cross-platform advertising, technological improvements, and more advanced and detailed datasets linking consumer behaviors together.

As a result, it has never been more attainable to target and deliver more individualized messages and offerings to current or potential consumers. And there’s arguably no more efficient way to implement personalization than through programmatic platforms.

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