What Is a DMP? And Why Does Everyone Want One?

As the media business becomes more data driven, those working in it are creating new terms to help describe new processes, such as “DMP.” And what is a DMP? It’s a data management platform.

According to the CIMM Lexicon, DMPs are systems and data repositories to store, organize, manage, and retrieve data sets. DMPs help normalize datasets to enable audience analytics and, ideally, to optimize media buys for advertisers. DMPs are a crucial part of any successful data-driven campaign, enabling large repositories of data to be accurately integrated, compared, and analyzed.

The Local Advantage

Local TV, which for years has had to contend with small local market measurement samples, stands to greatly benefit from the big data capability of DMPs. Not only can they now collect more and disparate first- and third-party datasets related to local TV performance into larger, more stable samples, but they can also confidently expand their analyses across platforms and create audience segments (depending on what data their DMP ingests).

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