Marketing Plan Tips: Sometimes It’s Better Not to Advertise

There is a time for action and there is a time to hold back. For some advertisers, premium inventory like the Super Bowl is a must-purchase. Others, like Frito-Lay, follow smart marketing plan tips and decide the cost and the presence aren’t worth it, as Variety explains.

Some advertisers consider frequency to be as important as reach; while for others, driving home a message a few times too many can mean risking viewer attention and engagement. What can smart marketing planning tell us about the right time to advertise and the right time to take a pass?

Know Your Peak Reach and Frequency
When has your message reached its viewer tolerance? Knowing your effective reach and frequency is pivotal to planning and implementing a successful advertising campaign. “We see this all of the time,” noted Hanna Gryncwajg, media consultant. “It is all about campaign management and knowing when you have hit your mark—at what point everyone who wanted to see your ad has already seen it and pinpointing when you’ve reached your maximum reach and frequency.”

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