Open-Standard Content Recognition for a More Organized Industry

Let’s talk about silos. In addition to data silos impeding accurate cross-platform measurement, there are also content recognition coding silos. Companies like Nielsen, comScore, and Google all have their own content ID protocols—or “walled gardens” of proprietary coding—and none of those protocols are compatible with the others.

This makes it almost impossible to effectively and accurately track a piece of content through its various platform exposures. So advertisers may know where their ads are running, but they still need to manually stitch together all the sources.

Why Do We Need Them?
Open standards—whether for data, content IDs, and even fee structures—”establish rules of engagement between marketplaces so demand and inventory are represented fairly,” notes Brad Smith, senior vice president of revenue and operations at Videa, in a piece for AdExchanger.

Read the full article on the Videa blog.

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