The Dawn of True Advertising Attribution Measurement?

Advertising attribution modeling is one of the biggest challenges in cross-platform advertising. Although there are several companies and organizations offering insight on the most effective form of attribution, the jury is still out on its overall use.

The Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM) recently released the findings of a study on attribution conducted by Sequent Partners, a brand and media metrics consultancy. Their main conclusion? As an industry, advertising has made some progress toward the development of an attribution model across media. But there’s still more work to do and—at least in the near term—there are few viable systems able to holistically capture cross-platform consumer behaviors.

Companies like 605 and comScore, however, are developing new approaches to attribution that could prove to be breakout solutions. Could this be the dawn of true advertising attribution measurement?

Facing the Challenges

Please read the full article at the Videa blog.

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