Innovation Congress 2017: A Wealth of “Bad” Ideas

Innovation Congress 2017, with a special focus on future influencer trends, media, content, technology, products, and advertising. Now, which are most likely to affect TV ads?

Of all the many current innovations, which will most impact how media is brought to market—and then bought and sold? Social Fresh, a social media marketing education company, offered some insights recently at their

About Those “Bad” Ideas . . .
A combination of technological advancements and consumer fragmentation has made the business of ad targeting especially challenging. However, there are many innovative approaches to leveraging technology in order to better reach desired groups.

Jason Keath, founder and CEO at Social Fresh, believes it all starts with a bad idea. “Bad ideas are often good ideas, but are not yet recognized as such,” says Keath. He believes bad ideas often (eventually) lead to success. They can also work as shortcuts to good ideas—or they might even augment other ideas and expand one’s creative potential.

So what is a possible “bad” idea for automated TV buying companies? Consider partnering more closely with content providers, matching certain advertisers to specific content based on their desired segmentations by time of day.

Please read the full article on the Videa blog.

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