Broadcast Television: Another Technology Able to Adapt

With all the increased competition among content viewing platforms, one might be forgiven for thinking broadcast television is under great strain. But to adapt a phrase from Mark Twain: The report on the death of broadcast television is greatly exaggerated.

In fact, television is not only not dying, it’s poised for a new era of growth and evolution. As Ed DiNicola, head of TV at Cambridge Analytica, notes in MediaPost, “What some are calling the end of TV is just another evolution.”

Working in Tandem
Buying both television and digital gives advertisers greater impact, with the combination of television and digital delivering better results than either can achieve individually. Jasper Snyder, executive vice president of cross-platform research and innovation at the Advertising Research Foundation, actually found a “kicker effect” when TV is added back to digital spending.

Turner’s and Neustar’s recent study demonstrated that television is making good use of advanced...

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