A Focus on Linear Media Today and Tomorrow: MediaPost’s Forecasts for 2019 and 2024

Today in linear media, we are going through the Fourth Industrial Revolution where advanced technology is disrupting several industries, according to Forbes. MediaPost’s Media Forecast 2019-2024 conference had experts peer into their crystal balls to see where our industry is headed in the next five years.

2019: Smooth Sailing
Since US ad spending growth at 3.7 percent is expected to lag behind national GDP growth, as reported by Broadcasting & Cable, are we beginning to see a seismic shift this year in ad spend and linear media?

Most panelists at the conference generally agreed that there will not be any dramatic change in 2019, even with GDPR. But for David Campanelli, EVP, co-chief investment officer at Horizon Media, agencies will see significant operational change to prove that ad campaigns drive sales results. Geoffrey Sanders, SVP of Growth at Casper, believed that there will be greater emphasis on attribution so as to better understand “which partners help us get incremental value.” This push towards attribution incrementality could bode well for local TV. The medium benefits from the addressability of ATSC 3.0 and programmatic, which has always been focused on targeting and accountability.

TV is projected to remain a dominant medium as it pivots....

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