Q&A Interview with Simon Applebaum, blogtalkradio

Simon Applebaum is a media veteran whose work reporting television news and trends spans over 30 years. Simon is currently on the forefront of off-platform media, hosting a weekly radio blog on This provocative interview by Charlene Weisler highlights Simon's perspective of the current media environment across a range of topics including the broadcast vs cable model of affiliation, the move of Jay Leno to primetime, the future of PBS, Internet TV, privacy and some predictions for the future.

There are six videos below with the following topics and lengths:

Subject / Length (in minutes)
Background, Industry Changes / (5:52)
Broadcast and Cable Models / (8:03)
Jay Leno / (5:54)
Internet TV and Privacy / (5:00)
Future of PBS / (9:36)
Predictions and COntact Information / (4:26)

Charlene Weisler interviews Simon Applebaum. Simon talks about his background and how the media industry has changed over the past few years.

Simon Applebaum discusses how the broadcast affiliation model cannot survive and how it will have to evolve to the more successful cable affiliation model.

Simon Applebaum offers his opinion about NBCU's programming decision to strip Jay Leno Monday through Fridays at 10p.

Simon Applebaum discusses Internet TV and the issue of privacy concerns in this video.

Simon Applebaum gives his prognosis about the future of PBS.

Simon Applebaum concludes with some predictions for the next five years and information on how to contact him.

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