Q&A Interview with Mike Pardee - SVP Scripps

Every time I ask today’s research leaders how they decided on research as a career, I am struck by the range of approaches. But none has been as fascinating as Mike Pardee, SVP Research for Scripps Networks Interactive. His research moment started on tramp freighter headed to Sri Lanka. While there, Mike’s interest in anthropology was formed and now he is one of the leading thinkers in the research community today. His current responsibilities span all areas of research.

The four videos in this interview that follow below, cover the following topics:

Subject Length (in minutes)
Background, Engagement, ROI (5:25)
Set Top Box Data, 360 Measurement (3:28)
Past & Future (3:28)
Economy, Online, Conclusion (5:23)

Charlene Weisler interviews Mike Pardee on his background, how he decided upon research as a career and the measurement of engagement:

Mike Pardee talks about his work on set top box data and its potential for future measurement:

Charlene Weisler interviews Mike Pardee who talks about past changes and some of his predictions for the future:

Charlene Weisler interviews Mike Pardee who discusses the Economy and other elements impacting media:


  1. Anonymous6:24 PM

    Hi Charlene,

    Your blog is such a great find. I work in media research myself and it is always valuable to hear from the leaders in the industry. The interview with Mike Pardee is what got me here and I'm sure I'll be coming back for the others. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Hi Rohit,
    Thank you so much. I am trying to capture a range of perspectives. Research is rich with ideas and my goal here is to create a platform for those ideas.