Q&A Interview with Richard Lowden -

Richard Lowden is the VP of Sales for, a major weather website. Richard has extensive experience in local cable and made the move into interactive about five years ago. Wunderground is a data driven site, monitoring weather worldwide and analyzing consumer spending behavior based on varying weather conditions. Some of their research will surprise you. In this video interview, Richard talks about, behavioral targeting and addressability using weather information as well as some predictions for the media marketplace.

There are four videos in this fascinating interview that cover the following topics:

Subject Length (in minutes)
Background (2:25) & Sata (4:56)
Partnerships, Behavioral target (5:33)
Addressability and Predictions (5:37)

Charlene Weisler interviews Richard Lowden of about his background in this first video:

Charlene Weisler interviews Richard Lowden who talks about and the type of data his company collects and utilizes:

Richard Lowden of discusses this site's addressability capabilities and some future predictions for the business:

Charlene Weisler interviews Richard Lowden in this concluding video about some advertiser partnerships and behavioral targeting:

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