Q&A Interview with David Leider - GSTV

David Leider is the CEO of GSTV, also known as Gas Station Television. David has an extraordinary background in media, particularly at the agencies –both traditional and interactive – and at Yahoo. Now, his work with out of home has spawned new measurement techniques and has created more valuation opportunities for all out of home advertising. In this interview, David talks about GSTV, the special Nielsen-based measurement he used for valuation, how his service is unique from other outdoor advertising and video content providers. He also talks about the differences in agency shops from traditional to interactive and how they are evolving as well as positing how the media landscape will look in the next five years.

The videos in this fascinating interview cover the following topics:

Subject Length (in minutes)
Background (5:35)
GSTV & Measurement (9:04)
Future, Out of Home (6:16)
Ethnography and Environment (7:07)

Charlene Weisler interviews David Leider, CEO of GSTV. David talks about his extensive background. This video is 5:35 minutes long:

David Leider talks about GSTV and how it is measured in this 9:04 minute video. GSTV delivers over 26 million at the pump viewers and almost 30 million total, including their C-Store TV network:

Charlene Weisler interviews David Leider, CEO of GSTV who talks about the future of media and out of home in this 6:16 minute long video:

David Leider, CEO of GSTV talks about ethnographic research and how environment impacts media usage. This video is 7:07 minutes long:

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