Q&A Interview with Jeff Siegel, SVP, ROVI

The advertising marketplace is evolving quickly with the introduction of new platforms, new metrics and new technologies. Jeff Siegel, SVP Advertising for Rovi, has experienced them all in his career from the broadcast model to cable to a company like Rovi which is one of the new players in the media space that is changing the framework of viewing preferences, content platforms and ad models.

In a video interview conducted a few days before the roll-out of a new Rovi initiative on Smart TV, Jeff talks about the differences between the broadcast, cable and new platform marketplaces, Set Top Box data, Metadata, privacy, addressable advertising and their new Smart TV Trial.

The five videos in this interview are:

Subject Length (in minutes)
Background (2:49)
Rovi, Addressability (5:09)
Metadata and STB data (3:24)
Smart TV Trial (3:52)
DVR, CE Partners, Predictions (4:41)

Charlene Weisler interviews Rovi's Jeff Siegel who talks about his background in this 2:49 minute video:

Jeff Siegel, SVP Advertising for Rovi, discusses the company and addressable advertising. This videos is 5:09 minutes:

Charlene Weisler interviews Jeff Siegel who talks about Rovi's Metadata and STB data. The video is 3:24 minutes long:

Jeff Siegel talks about Rovi's new initiative - The Smart TV Trial - which is a test for addressable advertising. The video is 3:52 minutes long:

In this final video (4:41 minutes long) Jeff Siegel talks about DVRs, Rovi's CE Partners and offers some predictions about the media landscape over the next few years:

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