Q&A Interview with Hanna Gryncwajg - RLTV

Hanna Gryncwajg, the SVP of Advertising Sales for RLTV, is a sales professional whose extensive experience includes local and national broadcast, large and niche cable networks and even digital and entrepreneurial media outlets. She is a savvy strategist who seeks the addition of research in all of her sales materials. Hanna and I worked together in the early days of Bravo where I saw how she adeptly captured the audience essence and sales advantage of the network through the use of research to great success.

In this compelling four part interview, Hanna talks about her background, RLTV, insights on the Boomer demographic, the current economy on the media market. Hanna also offers some insights on the state of the media in the next few years.

The five videos of the complete interview are as follows:

Subject                                      Length (in minutes)
Background, Sales                     (4:59)
RLTV                                          (6:08)
Boomers and the Agencies         (4:09)
Predictions, the Economy           (5:28)

Charlene Weisler interviews RLTV Sales SVP Hanna Gryncwajg who discusses her extensive background and the current media sales process in this 4:50 minute video:

Hanna Gryncwajg talks to Charlene Weisler about RLTV and its unique position in the marketplace. This video is 6:08 minutes:

Charlene Weisler interviews Hanna Gryncwajg about the Boomer audience segment and its sales position ar advertising agencies. This video is 4:09 minutes:

In this final 5:28 minute video, Hanna Gryncwajg offers some predictions for the media landscape over the next few years:

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