Q&A Interview with Bob Shullman - IPSOS Mendelsohn

Bob Shullman, President IPSOS Mendelsohn, is a veteran in the marketing research and strategy discipline for a range of important media brands. Through his efforts, Ipsos Mendelsohn has become synonymous with expertise in the high end consumer marketplace. In this in-depth interview, Bob talks about his work at Mendelsohn, the merging of IPSOS and Mendelsohn in 2008, the trends in the Affluent Marketplace, how diverse this cohort is and how they are behave politically. Bob also offers some interesting insights into future economic trends as it pertains to the wealthiest American consumers.

The five videos of the complete interview are as follows:

Subject                                       Length (in minutes)
Background and Mendelsohn     (7:13)
The Affluent Consumer              (6:23)
Diversity in Affluent Market      (5:11)
Predictions, The Economy          (7:36)
Affluents and Politics                 (4:39)

Charlene Weisler interviews Mendelsohn President Bob Shullman who talks about his background and his company in this 7:13 minute video:

Charlene Weisler interviews Bob Shullman who discusses the affluent consumer in this 6:23 minute video:

Bob Shullman talks to Charlene Weisler about the diversity of the affluent marketplace in this 5:11 minute video:

Bob Shullman, President of IPSOS Mendelsohn shares his predictions about the affluent market and the economy with Charlene Weisler. This video is 7:36 minutes.

Charlene Weisler interviews Mendelsohn President Bob Shullman who discusses politics and the affluent marketplace in this timely 4:39 minute video:

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