Q&A Interview with Gregory Artzt

Gregory Artzt, CEO General Sentiment, comes from a mathematical and systems background which is a good thing because his company is in the business of gathering, processing, analyzing and framing results from big social media datasets. General Sentiment taps the growth of user generated content and valuates it with market research principles. In this fascinating interview, Gregory discusses the future trend in social media, the importance of “Likes” as part of the measurement arsenal, Business Intelligence platforms, Set Top Box Data and ROI. He also looks ahead with some important predictions on social media and the industry at large.

The five videos of the complete interview are as follows:

Subject                                                Length (in minutes)
Background                                            (5:16)
General Sentiment                                 (6:29)
B.I. & STB Data                                     (5:33)

Predictions                                             (8:05)

Charlene Weisler interviews General Sentiment's CEO, Gregory Artzt who talks about his background in this 5:16 minute video:

In this 6:29 minute video, CEO Gregory Artzt talks to Charlene Weisler about his social media measurement company, General Sentiment:

Charlene Weisler interviews Gregory Artzt in this 5:33 minute video about Business Intelligence and Set Top Box data:

General Sentiment's Gregory Artzt talks to Charlene Weisler about social media data and ROI in this 6:38 minute video:

Charlene Weisler interviews General Sentiment's CEO, Gregory Artzt offers some predicitions about the media industry in this 8:05 minute video:

Data ROI                                                (6:38)

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