Q&A Interview with Sean Knapp - Ooyala

Sean Knapp, Founder and CTO Ooyala started his career at Google as one of the original engineers. His experience at Google provided a strong foundation for the creation of Ooyala. Ooyala provides underlying technology and services for distribution and monetization of online video content. His work includes eye tracking experiments, click throughs, search optimization and impact on ads and revenue. In this fascinating interview, Sean talks about his work at Google, the launching of Ooyala, some of the metrics he has developed, data fusion and his perspective on the future of television.
The six videos of the complete interview are as follows:

Subject                                                Length (in minutes)
Background                                           (3:22)
Ooyala                                                   (5:18)
Individual and Shared                            (4:51)
Metrics and Connected TV                    (6:34)
Age / Gender and Data Fusion              (4:24)
Predictions, Future of TV                       (9:30)

Charlene Weisler Interviews Sean Knapp, Founder and CTO Ooyala. In this 3:22 minute video, Sean talks about his background at Google and launching Ooyala:

Sean Knapp, CTO Ooyala talks to Charlene Weisler about the company and its unique position in the industry. The video is 5:18 minutes:

Charlene Weisler Interviews Sean Knapp, Founder and CTO of Ooyala. In this 4:51 minute video, Sean talks about individual and shared platforms of consumer media usage and the issue of privacy:

Charlene Weisler Interviews Sean Knapp of Ooyala who talks about media metrics and the advent of connected TV in this 6:31 minute video:

Sean Knapp of Ooyala talks to Charlene Weisler the differences in age and gender and the impact on data fusion in this 4:24 minute video:

In this final video, Charlene Weisler talks to Sean Knapp of Ooyala some of his predictions for the future of media and TV. This fascinating video is 9:30 minutes:

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