TV-Style Commercial Format: Are Longer Lengths Here to Stay?

There has been some discussion recently at a range of media conferences regarding commercial format and the evolution of the advertising message. What is the most effective ad length and type in this fragmented, device-driven programming environment? Are 30-second spots on the way out? Or does our ability to target audiences more effectively and programmatically require a consistent message across all platforms? There are two sides to this discussion: While shorter may be better for platforms with smaller screens, longer may be preferable in terms of effectively getting a message out.

Is There a Future for TV-Length Spots?

Although the 6-second content provider Vine is no longer around, today’s media environment still begs the question: Is there a future for TV-length spots—such as 30 seconds—at a time when content is becoming snackably short? For some, the answer is no. But for others, not only is the 30-second commercial format alive and well, it’s perfectly poised to transcend platforms, drive engagement, offer consistency, and improve reach and frequency for messages.

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