Solving the TV Data Puzzle With Broadcast

As the media industry continues to expand and evolve, keeping measurement as up-to-date as possible can be a challenge. From fragmented audiences moving across platforms and devices to the plethora of TV data produced by those devices, the question becomes, “What data is most useful, standard-izable and accurate for my purposes?” It is through this question that the strength of television over streaming data becomes clear.

High Expectations
Not only do measurement companies like Nielsen and comScore use standard datasets for measurement—they also offer cross-platform datasets to help stitch together the consumer journey. TV datasets from sources like Facebook, Hulu, Netflix, and Google have valuable measurement potential but are not fully shared externally, and none of them offer a full picture of media use. So while over-the-top (OTT) services remain popular, their data is not easily quantifiable within the broader media ecosystem.

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