Less Secret Every Day: ACR and Logistics at the Secret Society Meeting

The Secret Society, established in 2015 by Mitch Oscar, an advanced television strategist with USIM, was created to inform industry leaders about the advanced TV landscape, addressability, and data-driven advertising. 

Each annual meeting is designed to bring forward pertinent issues within the industry, such as attribution, targeting with data, and other trends and initiatives. Here we dive into two focal trends: automatic content recognition (ACR) and logistics.

What Is Automatic Content Recognition?
ACR is a content labeling protocol that enables the tracking of a piece of content across all platforms. Alan Wolk, co-founder, editor, and lead analyst at TV[R]EV, stated that while automatic content recognition “functions off smart TVs,” it’s also present in smartphones and other mobile devices.
There are two types of automatic content recognition: video and audio. Video captures pixels from a screen and then matches those pixels to others off-screen or on other content platforms. Audio runs off apps, listening to what’s on the TV and then performing the same comparison across other platforms.

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