Q&A with Stacey Lynn Schulman - TVB

Stacey Lynn Schulman discovered research through college internships. In fact, she is a great proponent of internships as a way for students to explore different career opportunities and to make important contacts for employment after graduation. She launched her career at the rep firm Katz Television, followed by stints at CBS, ad agencies, Turner and ultimately at the TVB where she is CRO. Her responsibilities include supporting the marketing and sales efforts of member television stations across all of their platforms.

In this informative interview Schulman talks about her career, digital mobile, social media, national and local efforts, research trends, big data and what the future might look like for television stations and their multi-platform efforts. And she offers a way to view CBS (and other broadcast networks) that is not impacted by any MVPD contract negotiation.

The six videos of the interview are as follows:

Subject                                                 Length (in minutes)
Background                                                        (7:03)
TVB                                                                   (10:07)
Digital Mobile                                                    (4:05)
Local Digital Efforts                                          (7:50)
Predictions                                                         (5:17)
Good Data vs More Data                                 (6:16)

Charlene Weisler interviews TVB's CRO Stacey Lynn Schulman who talks about her background in this 7:03 minute video:


Stacey Lynn Schulman talks to Charlene Weisler about the TVB, its mission and projects in this 10:07 minute video:


Charlene Weisler interviews TVB's CRO Stacey Lynn Schulman who talks about Digital Mobile and its ability to get over the air television anywhere in this 4:05 minute video:


CW: It sounds like Digital Mobile gives all Time Warner cable customers access to CBS whether or not it is available on our channel line-up.

SLS: Yes. The important piece about Digital Mobile TV is that consumers do not need to feel victimized by television delivery mechanisms like cable or satellite choices.  They can still receive over-the-air TV stations -- and all of their digital subchannels (some of which aren't being carried currently by cable or satellite providers) -- by purchasing a regular antenna at their local electronics store or by purchasing what we call a "dongle" (a mobile antenna) from  The dongle connects easily to a cell phone or tablet computer and allows the consumer to view over-the-air television signals, for free, anywhere.  No WIFI required.


In this 7:50 minute video, Stacey Lynn Schulman talks to Charlene Weisler about local digital efforts by the TVB:


Looking ahead in the media landscape, Stacey Lynn Schulman descibes possible new innovations and opportunities for stations. This interview video by Charlene Weisler is 5:15 minutes:


In this final video, Charlene Weisler interviews TVB's CRO Stacey Lynn Schulman who talks about Big Data and the conundrum of good data compared to more data in this 6:16 minute video:


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