Mar 29, 2018

Stormy Daniels Out Of Home Viewing via Tunity

Tunity, a data company that matches out of home audio tuning to the linear screen, has made some surprising discoveries about the 60 Minutes Stormy Daniels coverage using its second by second data. 

Tunity is app based and uses video scanning technology to match the screen in a bar, gym, offices or in any other open space where the screen sound may be muted or hard to hear, with the audio feed on the phone. 

According to Paul Lindstrom, Head of Research and Analytics, Tunity, the interview with Stormy Daniels had a huge draw in the out of home universe when she appeared on 60 Minutes last Sunday. “While losing approximately 25% of her lead-in from the Duke/Kansas game, she still managed to rank second for the week in Tunity Share,” he stated.  Notably, she was the only non-sports program in the Tunity top five. All the rest were NCAA tournament games. 

“Stormy’s audience was 50% higher than such highly measured events as Tiger Wood’s one under run at the Valspar Championship and triple the peak Tunity Share for Shaun White’s gold medal win at the Winter Olympics,” Lindstrom added. “At her peak she accounted for 80% of all Tunity usage and was the dominant draw across all venue types.”

Top Five Programs based upon Average Minute Tunity Shares March 19th to 25th 2018

                                                                                                                                  Estmated OOH
Rank                   Program Name                                               Tunity Share      Lift (Millions)**
1.                          Duke vs Kansas                                                  292*.                     9.6
2.                          Stormy Daniels on 60 Minutes.                         283.                       9.3
3.                          Florida State vs Michigan.                                 235.                       7.8
4.                          Loyola vs Kansas State.                                    164.                       5.4         
5.                          Texas Tech vs Villanova.                                   151.                       5.0

*Duke vs Kansas peaked at 401 during the OT period ( 13.2 million)
** Based upon Tunity’s proprietary model

Because out of home screens are curated to sports and news, such formats command out of home program distribution. This limits what programming is available, however, timely news and even some entertainment programming, when available, can command a surprisingly large share of viewer attention. 

“At home you can physically change the channel. When you are out of home you can change the channel by changing your focus. This is an important distinction because it currently cannot be measured by current methods such as ACR. It means there is a need for a different metric and measurement,” concluded Lindstrom. As a metric, Tunity Share is a composite metric of traffic, attention, and tuning in near real time for out of home on a minute by minute basis.

This article first appeared in Mediapost's Research Intelligencer.

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